By Michael Avon, CEO & Founder - November 08, 2016

Over the past decade, a team of digital media veterans have worked together to build robust technology businesses. Now that team has turned its attention to a new kind of digital media company, ICX Media. In 2016, ICX Media has raised a $3M seed round, established a global beta platform, signed a global partnership with Vubiquity, expanded operations into NYC; and today, our team has hit our most significant milestone to-date. 

After nearly 16 months of development and feedback from creators, brands, and media companies, we are excited to announce the launch of the industry’s first Creator-Centric Digital Video Management Platform. 

With this global launch, ICX Media is transforming the way creators manage, market, and monetize their digital video content; and the way media companies and brands discover creators and source relevant talent and content. 

The digital video content industry is maturing and changing at a breathtaking pace and the demand for independent content is an all-time high. Oftentimes creators are laser-focused on creating content, as they should be. However, ICX Media believes that content creators can build true businesses if they are armed with the essential data and insights to control their content distribution, build audiences, and better monetize all their efforts. 

The first version of the ICX Media Creator Interface 1.0: Cross-Channel Intelligence and Management is now live to serve the full spectrum of creators, from emerging amateurs to digital stars to professional producers. The platform centralizes cross-channel digital video content distribution, management, marketing, and monetization through a single, intuitive, easy-to-use interface. 

ICX Media wants to be the technology enabler for creators, brands, and media companies. We continue to invest in building out the platform and we will have more products and solutions rolling out over the coming months. 

Check out the platform at app.icxmedia.com.


Ready to start playing offense with your video content?

The competition for compelling video content is tighter than ever and you’re not gaining any additional hours in the day. ICX Media can help you get on the offense with self-service access to: 

  • Our network of nearly 1 million independent video creators
  • Rich data about your existing content and audience, including behavior and sentiment
  • Tangible recommendations to improve your video performance
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